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 The JSTOR Collections - 艺术 & 科学四世

In order to promote and expand access to scholarly journal content, the Mary & 约翰·格雷图书馆 has recently added JSTOR艺术 & 科学 IV Collection of online journal archives, thus adding access to an additional 109 journals, with dates of coverage ranging from 1852 to 2016, 不同的日记账.

The library has also acquired the digital archives for the IEEE periodicals for the following date ranges: 1884-1964, and 1995-2000.

 Featured E-Resource - 点播电影


点播电影 - Add Video Introductions to Playlists

The Video Introduction feature for playlists allows users to add a short intro video to any playlist they create. Educators can use this new tool to provide an overview or give context for the videos in the playlist. To learn more about this and other enhancements, please see On Demand - 2016 Platform Updates.

 Featured Digital Collection

全球赌博十大网站 Press Archive Newspaper Collection

全球赌博十大网站 Newspaper

Digitized 全球赌博十大网站 Newspaper issues, beginning with The Redbird (1933) to The University Press (2005).